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Current Research

Research in Enterprise Management

  • Large projects with technical implementation need Enterprise Systems Engineering
  • Evaluating risk assessment of technology engaged in enterprise lifecycles
    • By assigning physical technology devices and logical systems life cycles, and modeling systems with their interdependencies, a view of total enterprise risk assessment can be analysized for making business decisions. ( Affiliated Research )
  • Kanban can be used for Enterprise Management
    • Using Kanban for Requests in Customer Service Tiers, Tasks, and Projects of an IT Division - to meet SLA's internally, encourage customers to prioritize, view work flow progress as a dashboard, and foster team unity towards the IT division's success.
    • Overview: After seeing how it is used in case studies, One day in Kanban land is clear.
    • Case Studies: See how it is used in corporate: A Kanban System for Software Engineering
  • Deciphering Adequate Service Level Agreements
  • Establishing Enterprise Agreement

Project Activity

Projects Followed (Not a complete list, by far)

  • Inkscape - Vector Graphic Editor
  • Gimp - Graphic/Image manipulation
  • Scribus - Desktop Publishing

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